Applied Imaging and Information Management (Pty.) Ltd. is your ‘go-to’ partner for all imaging solutions, and graphics related products. Since 1991 we have assisted the South African market by supplying the finest graphics and CAD printing and scanning products.

Welcome to the Applied Imaging home page. From here you can view a brief summary of our services and products. There are also links to all the associated products pages and services. Please feel free to navigate. 


A number of professionals require the specialised performance of large format printers to give them the precise, true-colour prints needed in their respective industries. From corporate offices to universities, architect and designer houses to copy shops, Applied Imaging has the large format printer option you require. 


The large format scanners are required by designers, drafters, engineers, architects, and many other industry professionals that need to convert solid large format graphics and copy into digitally rendered images. At Applied Imaging we have a range of large format scanners that perfectly service all your scanning needs. 


Do you require the services of a large format printer or other Applied Imaging product for a select timespan? Do you not have the immediate funds to finance the purchase of a selected Applied Imaging product? Applied Imaging extends a renting service for selected products. Send us a message.